The Safety Net for Royal Park submission to the Assessment Committee has been reviewed and endorsed by:

 Parkville Association.

” Safety Net for Royal Park have submitted [alternative designs] to the Project Assessment Panel. The Parkville Association believes their submission deserves serious examination”


Kensington Association, Rilke Muir

” … a most impressive submission which the Kensington Association is happy, and honoured, to endorse. Here’s hoping that designs other than the reference design are considered by the panel, and in turn by the Minister. ”


Tim Todhunter M.A. Hans (Cantab) F.A .I.M Assoc Fellow J.C.H. Vice President Parkville Association and Kay Thorne M A Public Policy ex Executive Director Australian Road Federation (now Roads Australia)

“Thank you for sending your draft, It is a great document and both Kay Thorne and I are happy to be added to the list of people who endorse it.”


Urban Melbourne editors, Alastair Taylor and Mark Baljak:

Whilst we do not believe new freeway construction should be at the top of any Government transport infrastructure priority list, Urban Melbourne endorses the initiative demonstrated by the Safety Net for Royal Park community group and Atelier Red + Black architects.

We encourage readers to share this proposal with friends & colleagues and also call on the wider urban development, engineering, planning and design communities of Melbourne to rally behind the Better East West Link Design cause.

source: UrbanMelbourne.info


If you would like to add your voice to the endorsement list please email betterewldesign@gmail.com


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