‘Y’ Option

Y option

To address the various issues raised by different traffic experts, there is a further option, combining  features from other proposed designs

  • Two ramps connecting to Citylink north on alignment similar to Reference design but lowered to emerge west of a deviated Oak St as in Mr Higgs plan.
  • Tunnel spoil to be used to re-establish Ross Straw Field approx 5-10 metres higher.
  • Vent shaft to be just east of rail line at crest of hill -100 metres from mouth.
  • Ormond Rd ramp to remain subject to addition of an on-ramp to tunnel but not Citylink.
  • No interchange at Elliot Avenue
  • Two lane Western link  section to diverge from Reference design alignment and surface west of Upfield rail line just south of Arden St. Melways 2A C8 – currently rail siding.
  • Metro tunnel alignment would adjusted to pass just south of this point
  • The EWL would rise on a viaduct over the creek and pass beneath Citylink
  • The viaduct would rise to pass over the various rail assets and run above the rail yards cross Dynon Rd  and connect to planned northern arm of the WestLink preferred design.
  • South facing ramps onto Citylink not appropriate due to capacity blockage at the Westgate/CityLink Junction and on bridge (no traffic demand from EWL to Monash)
  • Route from EWL to Westgate/ Geelong freeway via Docklands Highway and proposed Westgate Distributon.
  • There is no southerly connection to Citylink due to Bolte Bridge intersection already at capacity and Westgate bridge close to capaicty. Westgate Distributor is the preferred route for vehicles travelling south west (ie to Geelong Freeway – Westlink for those travelling to the Western Freeway)

Y Option


The argument that Part B is essential and Part A won’t be effective without it is negated by the fact the Government is only funding Part A at this stage – hence they believe it will work.

This design has the benefits of:

  • Shortest route to both the north and west
  • No surface impacts on Royal Park (except – restoration of Ross Straw oval and viaduct above storage pond west of Oak St)
  • No need for Part B viaduct, no impacts on Flemington and Kensington
  • No impact on residential areas (apart from modest impact on Travencore)
  • Direct link to Westgate Distributor and future WestLink
  • Minimal impact on Arden precinct development
  • Compatible with Metro Rail alignment
  • Manageable issues with underground Y junction

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2 thoughts on “‘Y’ Option

  1. I like it, the only problem is it would be massively more expensive with a lot more tunneling, and a Y freeman interchange entirely underground. I suppose it could he done….

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