CIS Written Submissions

 Better East West Link Design

 Members and Supporters’ Submissions 

Safety Net for Royal Park

Ian Wallis

Michael and Olivia Smith

Petra Stock

Alric Ellinghaus

Carli Ellinghaus

Robyn Laurie

Rainer M Ellinghaus

Anthony Peyton

Kay Thorne and Tim Todhunter


Selected Expert Witness Submissions Relating to Royal Park 

Ian Shears for CoM

Professor Mardie Townsend for CoM

Catherin Bull for CoM

Craig Czarny Part 1 for Residents of Manningham St

Craig Czarny Part 2

Jim Higgs for CoM

Rob Moore for CoM


Recommended Additional Reading

Public Transport as Best Solution

Public Transport Not Traffic

Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport

Public Transport Users Association


Royal Park Impacts

Protectors of Public Land Victoria

Lucinda Peterson & Christopher Peck

Friends of Royal Park

The Parkville Association

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Parkville Gardens Residents Association

Gerald Noonan

Urban Camp


West Side of CityLink Impacts

Tony Smith

Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek

Kensington Association

Flemington Association

Flemington Neighbourhood Renewal



City of Melbourne Part 1

City of Melbourne Part 2

Moonee Valley City Council

Yarra City Council

Darebin City Council

Moreland City Council


Other Excellent Submissions

Rose Iser

Gordon Ley

Andrew Herington

Michael Ingram

Christine Di Muccio

Residents Against the Tunnel, Harriet Mantell