Safety Net for Royal Park

The Safety Net for Royal Park (SNRP) group includes a broad range of people committed to the protection of Royal Park. The committee includes people from a diverse range of occupations (Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Public Health) who are committed to preparing professional submissions that both represent the community’s concerns and present viable alternatives that we consider should be comprehensively investigated by the Linking Melbourne Authority.

Members of SNRP are very concerned about the negative impact that the Reference Design would have on Royal Park, local amenities and living conditions, and ultimately the long term health and well being of those living in the area. Recognising that there are several community groups focused on opposition to the East-West Link, for many reasons, our group has focused on identifying the main flaws of the reference design and developing alternatives to minimise the adverse effects, if the Project proceeds.

A number of committee members have specific expertise in environmental engineering, road planning and environmental science, and include people in the local area who have a genuine concern for the protection of Royal Park and the neighborhood amenity.

The SNRP submission committee includes the following people:

  • Anthony Peyton, West Parkville (Convenor)
  • A/Professor Craig Olsson, West Parkville
  • Ian Wallis, West Parkville
  • Petra Stock, Carlton North
  • Michael Smith, West Parkville
  • Robert Burnett, West Parkville
  • Lexie Dealehr


Atelier Red + Black

Atelier Red + Black is a small architecture practice with big ideas. Excellent architecture and design should be available for everyone in the wider community to enjoy. From the smallest of fit outs to the largest urban schemes, Architecture and Design are critical to enriching peoples lives.

Based in Fitzroy, Atelier Red + Black undertakes a range of projects from the inner city to the outer fringes of Melbourne. This project was undertaken on a pro-bono basis, with the hope of highlighting to decision makers and the wider community that there are real and better alternatives to what is currently being proposed.

Architecture is for Everyone


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