Welcome to the Better East West Link Design Website

Thanks for visiting the Better East West Link Design website.  I hope you can take the time to review the different alternatives that have been developed, which I expect you will agree would be much better than the LMA’s Reference Design.

As you may have heard in the news, the Public Hearings are currently underway, which involves the Assessment Committee appointed by Planning Panels Victoria hearing the views of the LMA and the LMA’s opponents, which include the inner city Councils.  Next Tuesday will be start of the presentations by the community groups, which will run for about 10 days.  If you’d like to read a summary of what has happened at the Hearings so far or wish to stay tuned over the coming weeks, there is a great blog being produced by the community coalition that has been formed to oppose the project.  www.eastwestlinkblog.com

We recognise the best solution to tackling Melbourne’s traffic congestion is investments in public transport.  However, we hope that this website will provide you with some hope that there are better designs that could be investigated by the LMA to avoid the devastating impacts on Royal Park, the West Parkville community and Moonee Ponds Creek.

Melbourne deserves better.

Anthony Peyton

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